Abound Plumbing Achieved Incredible Results With a 106% Increase In Calls Monthly

Client Overview

In San Martin, Milpitas, and the neighboring communities, Abound Plumbing provides a full range of plumbing services. The company’s owner, Jose, and his staff provide plumbing services for both residential and business clients.

They’re continually looking for new ways to better serve their clients. Despite having a wide range of services and a long history in business, Jose realized he needed to make a shift if his company was going to continue to thrive.

It’s our job to help Abound Plumbing grow its customer base and increase its brand awareness and sales conversions using realistic solutions.

The Challenges

It didn’t matter how many marketing strategies Abound Plumbing tried to employ; they couldn’t help them achieve their business goals. They needed an SEO company that could help them ascend to the top and deliver value for their money.

A big obstacle to their success was their reliance on marketing and other dubious sources of leads and referrals. Many of the services they offer have no customers at all. It appears that their Google Business Profile is not geared toward attracting their target audience.

Plumber SEOS came to the rescue. We needed to boost their visibility in search engine results before we could do anything else. Learn how our in-depth SEO approach helped Jose grow his firm and treble its sales.

The Solutions

Plumber SEOS created a plan to increase its website’s traffic in order to better connect with potential consumers. They saw an increase in their search engine rankings because of our use of local SEO suited to their locality.

As a result, we devised an SEO plan to aid them in attracting new clients and increasing their bottom line. On-page optimization, content generation, and link-building were all part of our approach. Broken links and duplicate content were also high on our priority list. With our help, they are able to create websites tailored to each of the cities they service. As a result, we’ll be able to reach a wider audience inside their target demographic.

In addition, we upgraded their service sites to reflect the latest plumbing technology, which should help alleviate the issues raised above. We also took advantage to educate potential consumers on the range of services.

With Abound Plumbing, we collaborated to design a website that complemented their identity and gave information about their services. With the help of our SEO professionals who set up Google Analytics and My Business, our clients could see exactly how many people were visiting their website, as well as where they came from.

Plumber SEOS In-Depth Approach

Content Audit:

While working with Abound Plumbing, our team conducted a thorough investigation of their business and the plumbing sector. As a consequence, we had a deeper understanding of their target demographic and current trends. For example, we uncovered terms that garnered traffic but didn’t convert well and those that brought in high-value visitors. We also looked at the content on their website to see if there was anything missing (and what they could do better). For our customers, we needed to know what material was being shared, what produced traffic spikes, and what type of content yielded the best ROI. We looked at the websites of every competition to see where we could add value and where our customers could be having problems.

Keyword Research:

There were keywords that brought in traffic but did not convert well, as well as terms that brought in highly valuable traffic. That’s where we centered our efforts when it came to developing the website’s content strategy. For this reason, we developed a list of phrases with substantial search volume but little competition. Using these keywords, we generated articles and optimized them with banner pictures, headings, and subheadings that were related to the content.

Content Strategy:

In order to get the best outcomes from our SEO efforts, we devised an engaging content strategy. Our plumber infographics were based on buyer profiles we developed for each sector of their target market. The reason for this is that customers regard infographics as one of the best sources of information. In addition, we wrote blog posts that addressed the most common plumbing issues that people encountered and provided answers for each of them. Each blog article was optimized to ensure that search engines could find it more easily than the rest of the competitors, which we did.

Link Outreach:

Identifying the sites operating in Abound Plumbing’s vertical allowed us to make certain that the company received a constant amount of inbound links from those sites. After creating new content for the site, we launched a link-building effort based on that content, which generated more leads for the company.

The Results

Abound Plumbing is well known throughout San Martin, Milpitas, and the surrounding communities as the go-to plumbing company. Before, they relied on ineffective advertising, suspect leads, and word-of-mouth recommendations to generate business. With our aid, they have seen a 106% rise in the number of calls they receive each month.

Due to the success of this cooperation, they have been able to expand their service area and service alternatives. With us managing their website, they can focus on operating their business while still having an online presence.